Virtual Conference AWS Data Edition [Big Data Analytics; Generative AI; ML; BI; Aug 30]: Register Now!

Virtual Conference AWS Data Edition [Big Data Analytics; Generative AI; ML; BI; Aug 30]: Register Now!

About AWS Data Edition

In today’s ultra-competitive world, data is the golden ticket driving almost every aspect of innovation. Join AWS Innovate – Data Edition. Learn how to unlock value from your data, lead with a data-driven mindset, and build an end-to-end strategy at every step of the journey from ingesting, storing, and querying data to analyzing, visualizing, and running ML models.


From big data, analytics, storage, business intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI to anything in between–discover all at this edition of AWS Innovate! Learn key concepts, use cases, and best practices to help you save time and costs managing data, eliminate data silos, gain accurate insights faster, and build a strong data foundation for rapid innovation.

Session Details

Opening keynote

Data is dynamic and comes in different formats which makes it challenging to extract value. A modern data strategy can help you manage, act on, and react to your data so you can make better decisions, respond faster, and uncover new opportunities. Uncover the latest in database, data, analytics and AI/ML and get insights on how organizations are harnessing the power of data to accelerate innovation in their organization. Jumpstart and build the modern data strategy that allows you to consolidate, store, curate, and analyze data at any scale, as well as share data insights with everyone who needs them.

Building a data-driven organization

About the track: Get inspired and learn how organizations are using AWS to solve business challenges, optimize business performance, and innovate faster. Start leveraging your data as a strategic asset and reinvent your organization with data today.

Data-Driven Everything – From vision to value (Level 100)

  • While data is abundant and growing rapidly, just producing or storing a lot of it does not automatically create value.
  • Value is realized by creating a data-driven culture that leverages data to invent on behalf of customers using AI-ML, analytics, and actionable insights.
  • However cultural challenges, outdated governance models, organizational silos, and legacy execution approaches stand in the way of realizing this vision.
  • In this session, find out how Amazon’s Data-Driven Everything (D2E) program enables your organization to address these challenges.
  • The D2E program includes components of mindset, people, processes, and technology to align business and technology leadership, create a compelling vision, enable your organization to deliver value through use cases, increase agility, enhance customer experiences, and enable sustained success.
  • The session also includes a customer case study of PVcomBank on their data transformation journey, with a focus on setting up the right skill set and architecture, as well as getting the business and IT to work together to realize their strategic goals of developing new and innovative financial products and services for their customers.

Speaker: Rohit Dhawan, Head of Data Strategy, AWS
Duration: 30mins

Maximizing value: How data architecture aligns with your business architecture to deliver a successful data strategy (Level 200)

  • A well-defined data architecture and effective data management approaches are key foundational pillars for organizations looking to build a modern data strategy to quickly deliver insights.
  • In this session, we explore key concepts and strategies to consider towards design and implementation to ensure the outcomes are aligned with your work approaches and data literacy organizational goals.
  • We also discuss onboarding ‘on-ramps’ for your data ‘learners’, in addition to your existing data consumers to ensure your data architecture and management policies support all levels of data maturity across your organization.

Speaker: Jason Hunter, WW Principal Data Strategy Tech, AWS
Duration: 30mins

  • Build an intelligent enterprise data platform (Level 200)
  • Organizations are looking to connect customer data across all touchpoints of the customer journeys to better understand their requirements and offer hyper-personalized experiences.
  • To realize the goals of hyper-personalization, it is essential to build enterprise-grade modern and intelligent data platforms that empower all users in the organization without compromising security, data governance and compliance requirements.
  • Join this session to learn the DBS Bank’s (DBS) modern data platform “Advancing DBS through AI” (ADA). Find out how ADA empowers data analysts, scientists, and employees across the bank with tooling, framework, and democratized access to bank-wide data with a robust governance framework for data management, data discoverability, and data security.
  • As a native hybrid-cloud platform, ADA provides industrialized configuration and management of AWS services including Amazon SageMaker, Amazon EMR, AWS DataSync, Amazon EC2 and other AWS AI/ML services, which allows them on-demand access to secure data movement and project lifecycle management.
  • They also, share the vision of how to enable DBS’s ADA platform at scale. Get insights on how DBS managed the challenges such as data security, provisioning, and platform management and achieved results that had a positive impact on the DBS community.


  • Unni Pillai, Head of Technology, FSI, AWS
  • Matthew Worthy, Executive Director, DataFirst, Data Security Product Owner, DBS Bank
  • Duration: 30mins

Accelerating Data-Driven outcomes in the public sector (Level 200)

  • Data is playing a pivotal role in digital transformation in regulated industries including the public sector.
  • This session outlines how organizations such as education, government, utilities, and healthcare are leveraging AWS cost-effectively for their growing pools of data, driving delivery of use cases, and paving the way for innovation in world-changing projects.
  • They also explain how to quickly deliver insights while iterating on the required governance and technical frameworks.

Speaker: Karthik Murugan, Head of Data, Public Sector APJ, AWS
Duration: 30mins

Multiply your data value creation possibilities with the right data approaches (Level 100)

  • Data is the change agent driving digital transformation.
  • The variety of data and workloads and the need for resiliency in shared data environments make storage choices critical to every application.
  • In this session, we outline the data lifecycle and tangible steps to drive your business with the right data storage and management strategies.
  • Discover what are the force multipliers that enable organizations like yours to multiply their data value, respond with agility, and fuel innovation with data-driven insights with AWS data storage and technologies.

Speaker: Paul Haverfield, Principal Storage Specialist, AWS
Duration: 30mins

Accelerate Customer 360 strategy on AWS (Level 100)

  • Customer behaviours and expectations have fundamentally changed, compelling organizations to look at approaches to accelerate digital transformation across the value chain.
  • They do not make purchase decisions linearly and use many different, disparate channels to discover and research products—from social media and websites, to email marketing campaigns and targeted ads, as well as actually purchasing in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • In this session, learn how to build a 360-degree view of your customers including their purchase behaviours and preferences and gain access to aggregate interactions across various touch points throughout the entire customer journey so as to tailor their experiences along the purchase journey.
  • We share how these insights enable you to strategize personalized product offerings and marketing campaigns, advance commitments to customer centricity and create exceptional customer experiences.

Speaker: Pierre Semaan, Head of GTM Strategy and Solutions, SMB, APJ, AWS
Duration: 30mins

Navigating data protection, governance, and digital sovereignty on AWS (Level 100)

  • At AWS, we recognize that protecting customer data and earning customer trust are key priorities for many organizations.
  • This session shares how to build the right strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology to deliver data governance at scale.
  • Understand how AWS configures appropriate access controls, monitors data for compliance, and layers security to protect data against malicious behaviour.
  • They also cover the use of leveraging data sovereignty controls and features to allow organizations to meet the evolving regulatory requirements anywhere they operate, without compromising on the capabilities, performance, innovation, and scale of the cloud.

Speaker: Michael Stringer, Principal Security Solutions Architect, ANZ Public Sector, AWS
Duration: 30mins

Conference Timings

  • Timing 1: 5.00am – 10.30am
  • Timing 2: 11.00am – 4.30pm
  • Timing 3 Keynote rebroadcast:
  • 5.30 pm – 6.30 pm

How to Register?

Interested attendees can register themselves through this link.

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