Call For Blogs: Centre For Applied Research In Public Health Law, Rights And Policy, MNLU Mumbai [Submit By Sept 30th]

The Centre for Applied Research in Public Health Law, Rights, and Policy (CPHL) at Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai, is dedicated to advancing research, training, and consultation at the intersection of law and public health. CPHL’s primary focus is on exploring the dynamic fields of public health law and policy, ensuring their effective application for the betterment of society.

About the blog:

The CPHL Blog welcomes contributions across a spectrum of themes:

1. Analysis of current legal advancements in public health.

2. Articles addressing legal matters within the realm of public health, both domestically and internationally.

3. Reviews of pertinent literature, engaging with recent publications.

This list is not exhaustive, and we embrace diverse content that aligns with our defined scope. Your submissions are encouraged as long as they resonate with our specified objectives.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Contributor Information: For new or returning contributors, kindly include a concise bio in the same Word document as your post. Include a link to your professional webpage or university page if applicable. Provide details of any associated Twitter profile. Attach a colour photograph of yourself along with any relevant images related to your post.

2. Length and Structure: Posts should ideally be around 1000-1500 words for optimal readership. While we recognize the need for comprehensive coverage in certain topics, shorter posts tend to be more engaging. Lengthier submissions will be exceptional, subject to editorial discretion based on content.

4. Footnotes: Omit footnotes from your submission. If your piece contains footnotes, integrate the relevant content into the main body or remove it, as appropriate.

5. Citations: Place citations or references within parentheses directly after corresponding propositions or quotes. Avoid using footnotes for citation. Reference only when essential.

6. Hyperlinks: Integrate embedded hyperlinks to pertinent legal texts, supporting materials, relevant cases, treaties, and past CPHL Blog posts. Prioritize reader utility. Microsoft Word facilitates hyperlink inclusion through the right-click contextual menu.

These guidelines aim to ensure the quality and consistency of CPHL Blog submissions. Your adherence is greatly appreciated as it enhances the reader’s experience and the overall impact of the content.

Submission Process: Kindly submit your posts in electronic format (.doc or .docx) to [email protected].

Publication Process: Please ensure adherence to these guidelines to avoid potential returns or rejections of submissions. Collaboration between two authors is acceptable. While we strive to offer valuable feedback for all submissions, due to high volumes, comprehensive feedback may not always be feasible. We maintain the right to decline submissions without detailed feedback.

Our aim is to review and address articles within 4-6 weeks of receipt. If you haven’t received a response within 6 weeks, feel free to follow up with.

Last Date for Submission: September 30, 2023.

More Information: To access comprehensive information regarding CPHL, which encompasses submission guidelines and policies, please visit the website here

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