One Day National Seminar In the Memory Of Beloved Professor O. P. Chauhan On “Human Rights Centric Approach Prospects and Challenges ”By Faculty Of Law, The Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), Shimla [30th September 2023]: Submit Abstract By 30th August 2023

Who Is The Organiser?

The Himachal Pradesh University (HPU, Shimla) came into existence in July, 1970 through Himachal Pradesh University Act, 1970. Though it does encompass the challenges and limitation of hill University, it nevertheless stands apart from the rest in academic accomplishments. It has a beautiful campus spread over 200 acres. The University is surrounded by a panoramic view of nature having snow laden mountains, thick deep forests growing oak, pine and soul winning deodar trees. The University is one of the leading affiliating – cum- residential Universities in India, catering to the needs of more than 1.50 law student. It enjoys the National and International repute.

The Department of Laws came into existence in 1970 when the University was established. Initially, it was housed in D.A.V. School, Middle Bazar. Later it was shifted to Ava Lodge, Chaura Maidan where it remained functional for some years. The Department was relocated in the University campus in 1984 and finally shifted to its own building in 1993. Since its inception the department ha been actively engaged in imparting legal education, training and legal research benefiting to the students desirous of pursuing their career in law. The Department has a distinction of producing best Professionals, Statesmen and officers rendering useful service to the Nation. Its Alumni include Judges of High Courts, Union Cabinet Ministers, State Cabinet Ministers, Senior Bureaucrats, Police Officers, officers of subordinate Judiciary, Law officers, Civil Servants and members of the legal Profession. Law graduates from this Department are serving all over the country in the District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court.

The theme of this National Seminar “Human Rights Centric Approach Prospects and Challenges)” acknowledges that Human Rights remains a continuous and evolving journey towards a more just and humane society. Keeping in view the development of this millennium, education and awareness form crucial pillars in promoting Human Rights. Empowering individuals with knowledge about their rights fosters a culture of accountability and respect for human dignity. Educational institutions, media, and grassroots organizations must collaborate to disseminate Human Rights education, promoting a culture that respects diversity and values human life. To strengthen Human Rights protection, it is essential to combat impunity effectively. Perpetrators of Human Rights abuses must be held accountable through impartial and fair legal systems. This requires Independent Judiciaries, efficient law enforcement, and International cooperation in cases of cross-border violations.
As we engage in discussions and deliberations during this National Seminar, let us reiterate the Constitutional Commitments to upholding human right(s) for all. Let us recognize that the protection of Human Rights is not just a legal obligation but a moral imperative that reflects our shared humanity. By working together, we can build a world where every individual’s inherent dignity is respected, and their rights are safeguarded, ensuring a brighter and more equitable future for generations to come.

What Are The Details Of The Event?

  • Theme: Human Rights Centric Approach Prospects and Challenges)
  • Objective:
    • The seminar aims to raise awareness about Human Rights among students, legal Professionals, policymakers, and the stakeholders.
    • The seminar will provide a platform for legal scholars, experts, and students to present research papers, case studies, and findings related to Human Rights.
    • By encouraging academic engagement, the seminar aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and discourse in the field of Human Rights law. The event seeks to facilitate open and constructive dialogue on various Human Rights issues, challenges, and best practices.
    • By bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences, the seminar aims to create conducive environment for meaningful discussions and exchange of ideas.
    • Moreover, the seminar focuses on addressing emerging challenges to Human Rights in the context of evolving societal, technological, and political landscapes. By examining contemporary issues such as digital rights, climate justice, and social inequality, the event aims to explore innovative solutions to protect Human Rights in a rapidly changing world.
    • The event provides an opportunity for networking and collaboration among legal Professionals, researchers, NGOs, and policymakers.
    • By connecting individuals and organizations working in the field of Human Rights, the seminar aims to foster partnerships and collective efforts towards promoting and protecting Human Rights
    • Overall, the National Seminar on Human Rights organized by the Faculty of Law aims to create a transformative impact by fostering a culture of respect for Human Rights, promoting inclusivity, and empowering individuals to become proactive advocates for a just and equitable society.
  • Date of the event: 30th September 2023
  • Last date to submit an abstract: 30th August 2023
  • Registration Form: CLICK HERE to do the registration. Registration may be done by sending money to Convenor, National Seminar through UPI numbers mentioned in Google form Link.
  • Registration Fees: Registration may be done by paying cash at Registration Counter on 30th September 2023
  • Faculty Members/Advocates/others (Single): Rs. 600/-
  • Joint Presenters: Rs 850/-
  • Research Scholars/Students : Rs. 400/-
  • Joint Paper by Research Scholars Rs 650/-
  • Important Dates:
    • Submission of Abstract and Paper: 30th August, 2023
    • Confirmation of Acceptance of the Paper: 10st September, 2023
    • Submission of Final Paper for Circulation: 23rd September, 2023
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For More Information:

For any query email at [email protected]

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