Call for Book Chapters Changing Dimensions of Competition and Consumer Protection Laws

Concept Note:

In a world that flourishes on the dynamic of market interactions, it becomes very imperative to develop an understanding into the intricate web of laws that regulate competition and safeguard interest of the consumers. The businesses and people alike are faced with a variety of challenges and problems with the development of global marketplace at an unprecedented rate. Our aim in writing this book is to provide the reader with a thorough and insightful overview that demystifies the complex landscape of competition and consumer protection laws to uncover their  underlying principles and practical implications. Also, it aims to provide the knowledge base to effectively navigate these legal waters through the lens of critical analysis, whether one is an entrepreneur striving to establish the presence in a competitive market or a consumer seeking for redressal
against unfair and discriminatory practises.
To delve deeper into this interdisciplinary field, the Centre for Trade, Investment and Competition (CTIC) is pleased to put effort to publish an edited book titled “Changing Dimensions of Competition and Consumer Protection Laws”. In this regard we announce a call for book chapters on the theme of Competition ow and Consumer Protection wand its related sub-themes. This initiative aims to compile a comprehensive collection of scholarly works that examine various aspects of competition law and its economic implications alone wich consumer procection laws.

Sub- Themes:

  • Economic theories and models relevant to foundation of competition law.
  • Market power, fair competition, and consumer welfare.
  • Changes in competition law and dynamics of market.
  •  Origin and development of competition and consumer protection laws.
  • Economic efficiency and consumer welfare considerations in competition law.
  • Antitrust enforcement and competition advocacy.
  • Role of antitrust laws in preventing monopolistic practices.
  • Perspectives on cartels and abuses of dominance.
  • Rights of consumer for seeking redressal of grievances.
  • Deceptive advertising, fraud, and other practices detrimental to consumers.
  • Dispute redressal mechanisms for conflict between consumers and businesses.
  • Comparative analysis of competition and consumer protection law regimes.
  • Harmonization efforts and challenges in competition and consumer policy.
  • Cross-border mergers and international competition issues.
  • Challenges and regulations governing online marketplaces.
  • Data privacy, consumer protection, and competition in the digital age.
  • Analysis of competition and consumer protection litigation.
  • Competition and consumer protection laws across various jurisdictions.
  • Impact of emerging technologies like Al and blockchain on competition and consumer protection.
  • Ways for fostering a competitive and consumer-trends market environment.


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