CALL FOR PAPERS! Intellectual Property and Innovation Review (IPIR): Volume – 1, Issue – I! HPNLU, SHIMLA!

Last submission deadline : 30th November

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ABOUT Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, HPNLU, Shimla

CIPR is a newly established centre in the HPNLU family. The institution has strived to establish itself as the Nodal Centre for Academics and Professionalism in legal education but is yet to specialize in Intellectual Property Rights. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a burgeoning research field. HPNLU’s aim is to create an enabling environment by modernizing the IPR infrastructure and implementing various programmes to raise awareness among professionals and the public will be a stepping stone to success. Any academic/research activity necessitates quality human resources to manage the research positions in terms of financial and technical support to conduct any substantive research using a multidisciplinary approach in the field of Intellectual Property, and HPNLU is the ideal institution in this regard


Intellectual Property and Innovation Review (IPIR) is an annual double-blind peer-reviewed journal of the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla. The Journal (IPIR) aims to disseminate high-quality research articles that contribute to a deeper understanding of the theoretical, practical, and evolving aspects of intellectual property rights highlighting the deeper understanding of how intellectual property frameworks interact with traditional knowledge systems, cultural heritage, and indigenous practices. It explores the implications of intellectual property policies on innovation, creativity, technology transfer, competition, and economic development. The Journal (IPIR) would foster interdisciplinary discussions and collaboration on various fields such as technology, science, art, culture, ethics, economics, and with much focus on emerging trends and challenges in the field of intellectual property, such as the impact of digital technologies, open access movements, and globalization.


The contribution may be made in the form of Articles, Essays and Comments, and Book Reviews. The contribution, in a given category, should be a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of contemporary issues related to Intellectual Property Rights.

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